Inspections to Ensure That Your Home Is Safe & Sound

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Finding Foundation Cracks & Basement Leaks Before It's Too Late

Discover everything from foundation cracks to basement leaks with structural inspections from Foundation Engineering, PLC in Essex Junction, Vermont and Denver, Colorado. I provide complete home inspections, and then write engineering opinion letters regarding the state of the home. I also provide designs for necessary repairs. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an inspection.

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Structural Inspections

Whether you're learning more about a home before you make a purchase or trying to find home repair issues before they become serious, turn to Foundation Engineering, PLC for the help you need. We provide top-to-bottom home inspection to ensure that you are getting an unbiased opinion of the problem. We also provide waterproofing recommendations upon request.

Engineering Opinion Letters

After we inspect a home, we provide a letter that gives our professional opinion on the condition of the home. We do inspections for general home structures or specific problems. As we outline the problems we find, we also provide information on what is required to fix them.

FHA/HUD Certification Letters

We will also provide FHA/HUD Certifications for foundations of existing homes.

That Your House Is Sound

If there is nothing wrong with the home, we write a letter saying that there is nothing wrong with your house and that any problems are not a structural concern. 

Contact us at (888) 258-6111 for an inspection that checks for everything from uneven floors to basement leaks.