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Determine the State of Your Home

          with Structural Inspections from Our Engineers

Make sure your home is in good shape with inspections from Foundation Engineering. We provide engineering design services for residential foundation repairs, as well as structural inspections and opinion letters. Contact us in Stowe, Vermont, for details.

Design for Foundation Repairs
Do you have a crack in the foundation of your home? Foundation Engineering, PLC inspects your foundation to find the cause of the crack and determine what steps need to be taken to make your foundation stable again. I begin by collecting the history of the house, gathering information on the age of the home and how long the cracks have been noticeable.

House, Foundation Repairs in Stowe, VT

Inspecting Your Foundation
After we learn about the history of the house, we do a visual inspection, walking through the house and making notes on the cracks in the floors and walls, as well as the grading around the home. Once the inspection is complete, we create a complete plan for foundation repairs.

Choose Us for Experience and Expertise
Our licensed engineer at Foundation Engineering has 20 years of experience. He has worked as an installer and worked his way up from digging holes to install piers to engineering solutions for you foundation problems. He spent thet last ten years designing structural repairs for homes when needed and certifying foundations that do not need to repairs. He takes pride in the work that he does and always provides his honest opinion on your home.

Contact us at (888) 258-6111 to have Foundation Engineering, PLC design foundation repairs for your home.